• mode that can edit sudo files
  • meant to edit remote files
  • tramp usage





\,(exp)replace with emacs lisp


  • repository
  • Better clang complete mode
  • Faster then auto-complete-clang.(No freeze?)


  • Repository
  • Emacs package manager.
  • type
    • http:
      • use :localname to set download filename

Session savingEdit

  • (run-at-time t 1800 'session-save-session)
  • (run-at-time t 1800 'save-current-configuration)
  • will save the buffer state and window state

Using mouseEdit

  • (mouse-wheel-mode t)
  • (xterm-mouse-mode t)
  • Will enable mouse selecting and mouse wheel scrolling.

Google C/C++ styleEdit

Emacs ClientEdit

  • (server-start)
  • Will start the emacs server
  • To use emacs server open file with "emacsclient" and will open the file in emacs you are opening
  • by setting "emacsclient" to $EDITOR you can write long commit message in git or other tool

Emacs LispEdit

  • about void
    • if shell-command-to-string fails it return void
  • if prefix ' it is symbol, otherwise value reference
  • Comparison
    • equal: deep comparison
    • eq: reference comparison
  • for char type use prefix '?'
  • Major mode
    • major-mode: major mode name
    • mode-name: name to printed in mode line
    • use-local-map: use value generated by (make-sparse-keymap)
  • Loop basic
    • (let ((list (return-list)) element)
      • (while list
        • (setq element (car list))
        •  ;; process element
        • (setq list (cdr list))))
  • Process
    • start-process:
    • process-send-string: Send data to stdin


(downcase str)

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